For Managers

The following resources have been developed to support clinical managers.

Research costs

This is a summary of resources compiled by CAHPR to help with the complex topic of research, treatment and excess treatment costs.

Attributing the costs of health and social care Research and Development (AcorRD)

Clinical Academic roles - a practical resource for healthcare providers

This guide was produced to provide healthcare provider organisations with practical advice to develop and sustain nursing, midwifery and AHP clinical academic roles. In particular, it focuses on the development of research-focused clinical academic roles.

Commissioners use of research evidence

The NIHR has funded six particular studies in the past five years on the use of evidence by commissioners. Some of this research may also be relevant to service managers in hospital trusts and other care providers and systems.

This highlight includes studies into the behaviour of individual managers and the way in which commissioning organisations make sense of and use research information when making decisions.

NIHR - how commissioners use research evidence