North West England

 CAHPR Cheshire and Merseyside and CAHPR Cumbria and Lancashire support AHPs in North West England. They provide local allied health professionals advice, support, events and signposting to increase research skills, knowledge and engagement.

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Hub Leaders

Cumbria and Lancashire

Dr Hazel Roddam

Dr Kathryn Jarvis

University of Central Lancashire
Cheshire and Merseyside

Dr Phil Elliott

Lauren Hepworth

Cheshire and Wirral Partnership NHS Foundation Trust

University of Liverpool


Attending the workshop helped me to feel positive about research, and to be aware that a project doesn't have to be complex to be of value.


Activities in 2019

Cheshire and Merseyside

'Next steps in research' on October 9th. Full details here

Small bursary scheme  - projects include studies about vision and stroke, and perceptions and experiences of recovery colleges.

We provide ad hoc support and advice to AHPs within the region, and work closely with the Cumbria and Lancashire hub. 




Cumbria and Lancashire

Our main event this year will be a joint symposium with The Faculty of Health & Wellbeing, UCLan and Hochschule Für Gesundheit, Bochum, Germany on September 2nd 2019. Further details here.

We have a blog site and Twitter account that are kept up-to-date to provide relevant resources and opportunities for allied health professionals interested in research.



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CAHPR Cumbria and Lancashire

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