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  • ID5.1: A systematic review of dramatherapy interventions used to alleviate emotional distress and support the well-being of children and young people
  • ID5.2: The London SCI Education Programme: Enhancing education for all 
  • ID5.3: What changes do patients report after strabismus surgery for planned psychosocial benefit?
  • ID5.4: Dietitian-led webinars: A positive impact on patient symptoms, knowledge and behaviour
  • ID5.5: When words are not enough- Dramatherapy Intervention at STEPS Eating Disorder Service: A brief overview
  • ID5.6: The Impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on clinical guidance, risk assessment and support for UK obstetric sonographers
  • ID5.7: Orthotic treatment: Stroke rehabilitation
  • ID5.8: A Structured Health Intervention For Truckers (SHIFT) 
  • ID5.9: OSCAR (Osteopathic Single Case Research): Effects of standard and biopsychosocially-informed osteopathic management for patients with non-specific low back pain: protocol for a single case experimental design (SCED)
  • ID5.10: Maximising the Impact of Speech and Language Therapy services for children with Speech Sound Disorder (The MISLToe_SSD Study)
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