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Hello and welcome to the South West consortium of CAHPR.

Our mission is to provide a range of networks, contacts, links and signposts to support the AHP workforce in undertaking research-related activities.

We aim to develop AHP research, clinical academics, and researchers in the region.  

We want to support the strengthening of evidence of the professions’ value and impact for enhancing service user and community care.  We want to enable the professions to speak with one voice on research issues, thereby raising our profile and increasing our influence. 

Our vision is for strong AHP research activities and outputs facilitating the translation of research findings into practice and education across the South West.

CAHPR South West is run through a network of Co-Leaders, Research Champions, and our marvellous administrator, Jessica Coggins.

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Our Twitter / X handle is @CAHPRsouthwest.

Figure 1 South West Coast Path, Fowey; Photo by Aleks Marinkovic on Unsplash
Figure 1 South West Coast Path, Fowey; Photo by Aleks Marinkovic on Unsplash

Meet the team

Jen Pearson

Dr Jen Pearson

Co- Leader 

University of the West of England, Bristol

Dr Ralph Hammond

Dr Ralph Hammond

Co- Leader and Consortium Lead

Somerset Clinical School

Somerset NHS Foundation Trust

Jessica Coggins

Jessica Coggins 

Consortium Administration 

University of the West of England, Bristol

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NHSE SW / CAHPR Advancing research careers for under-recognised groups in AHPs across the South West project

Katie Williams

Funded by NHS England SW, this is a CAHPR South West project.

Katie Williams (pictured right) is leading this project. We aim to support the implementation of strategic aim 2 of the  Developing a Research Skilled Workforce strategy 2023 – 2026: to improve access and equity, 

In phase one, 190 AHPs and AHP support workers from the South West region signed up to engage with the project. Of those, a total of 66 AHPs and AHP support workers contributed by sharing their perspectives on what under-recognised aspects of AHP research career progression meant to them, as well as the barriers and enablers they experienced within research career development. All 15 Allied Health Professions, from all seven systems of the South West and a range of career stages and health and care settings are represented in the project

Phase 2 flyer

However, only 4.5% of participants were from a global majority or Black, Asian, and Minority Ethnic background. The research team are commencing phase two of the research project which offers virtual conversations to AHPs and AHP support workers across the South West who are from a Global Majority or Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic background to hear their stories of developing their research skills or navigating research careers. Please see the flyer and information sheet attached for further details.  We welcome your support to share this opportunity forwards with colleagues who may be interested to get involved and share their experience with us.  

Anyone wanting to find out more or with specific questions can email for more information.  

Feedback and thank you session

  • Thursday 23rd May 2024, 12.00-13.00, MS Teams 

This event shared the findings of phase one, plans for phase two and a series of of five-minute lightening talks to raise awareness of research career building opportunities and resources available to South West AHPs and AHP support workers. Please find the the slides to the right. 

Small Grants Scheme 2024

We are able to support a small number of AHPs based within the South West to attend a conference or research related study day. Applicants can apply for up to £200. Please read the guidelines, complete the application form (right) and send to by the deadline. 

Deadline for applications: 11.59pm on Monday 22nd July 2024

In 2023, we awarded seven AHPs funding to support their conference or research related study day attendance. Please see their reports and summary videos below.

Corinne Birch Feedback Summary Video 



Developing a research skilled workforce in the South West

NHS England SW has commissioned the University of Plymouth to lead the promotion and engagement of the SW workforce in implementing its regional strategy. 

The regional research strategy: DRSW

There are 6 domains to this strategy:

1. Invest in and nurture our workforce

What CAHPR SW consortium is doing:

  • We support delivery of the NIHR clinical academic development programme NIHR ICA programme in the south west. This includes paid internships and bridging awards.
  • We offer a monthly Conversation Cafe. This is a drop in, online chat to discuss, share, signpost, support, and encourage people at all stages of their clinical academic  / research delivery / clinical development journey.   

2. Improve equity and access 

What CAHPR SW consortium is doing:

  • We are running our biggest ever project: to better understand the barriers and enablers to enabling research advancement for under-represented groups within the AHPs, in the south west (see above).
  • We are in talks to develop networks to widen our capacity and reach across the region... watch this space.
  • Watch the DRSW webinar Webinar 3 - Do I matter to research? (link to YouTube video)

    Guest speakers: Amanda Dufley, Vimal Sriram PhD, Munira Khan, Sun Sanders-Jackson and Gita Ramdharry PhD ; Webinar hosted 11 July 2023

3. Lead by example

What CAHPR SW consortium is doing:

  • We provide funding to support AHPs attend CPD events (see below).
  • We promote and celebrate role models in providing evidence-based practice.
  • Signpost AHPs to research leadership development courses.

4. Support south west research priorities

What CAHPR SW consortium is doing:

  • In 2023 we undertook an online survey to better understand what AHPs in the south west want from us. We are using this to inform our next steps.
  • We believe region wide ICB research priorities are due to  be published soon.......... 

5. Grow our influence

What CAHPR SW consortium is doing:

  • In 2024, we will be reaching out more more explicitly to the AHP Faculties across the region, offering ourselves as a resource for AHP health and care professionals, and support workers, in accessing research development and research delivery opportunities. 
  • We are working with the NHSE south west workforce training and education AHP lead, Carrie Biddle. 
  • One of our Research Champions, Dr Richard Collings, is the CAHPR vice-chair.
  • Our Consortium lead, Dr Ralph Hammond, is chairing the CAHPR mission and vision working party. 

6. Create a thriving research culture

What CAHPR SW consortium is doing:

  • Engaging with the regional research strategy (DRSW)
  • Attending the DRSW23 conference with a stand, flyers, and giveaways
  • Running a monthly Conversation Cafes
  • Running weekly Writing Sessions
  • We moderate a Twitter / X feed, for AHPs as a step into the research world
  • Our CAHPR Research Champions are a point of contact for AHPs with research questions:
  1. Richard Collings
  2. Angie Logan 
  3. Elaine Willmore
  4. Sandi Derham


Conversation Cafés

Join CAHPR South West at our online drop in conversation café!

It's an opportunity to ask questions, discuss research, and network. Everyone is welcome! 

Time:  One hour 


  • Tuesday 9th July 2024, 12.30-13.30, facilitated by Dr Ralph Hammond

Meeting link: Please click this link to join the MS Teams meeting.

Join our writing sessions 

We are excited to start delivering writing sessions! Our objective is simple yet powerful: to create an environment free from distractions where you can devote your undivided attention to writing. Guided by the renowned Pomodoro Technique, these sessions will cultivate focus and offer brief intervals for a break. Whether you are an experienced researcher or just starting your research career, we invite all Allied Health Professionals within the South West to join us.  

No exercises, lectures, or critiques will fill these sessions; instead, they offer a dedicated space for you to focus on writing those abstracts, undertake service evaluations, funding applications, or publications!

Upon joining, we kindly request that you arrive with a clear goal in mind. The sessions will start with a brief conversation, allowing each participant to share their individual objectives. Following this, we will engage in focused writing bursts.

In consideration of the immersive nature of these sessions, we kindly ask that you commit to participating for the entire duration.

Here are the upcoming dates:

  • Wednesday 24th July, 12.30-14.00
  • Tuesday 30th July, 8.00-9.30

Meeting linkPlease click this link to join the MS Teams meeting.

Patient and Public Involvement and Engagement

Links to useful information

  1. NHS Health Research Authority here
  2. NIHR Patient and Public Involvement resources for applicants to NIHR research programmes here

Find out more about CAHPR South West, about AHP research, and clinical research

Our twitter feed shares information on events, news, research projects, training opportunities, and funding announcements. Contact us via email if you have specific questions. Scroll to the bottom of this page, below for contact details.

Needs survey 

We completed a needs survey with our network, please find this below. 


Why should AHPs do research?(link to YouTube video)

Top Tips: AHPs in research (link to YouTube video)

CAHPR South West panel event introduction
CAHPR South West panel event summary

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