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The Dos and Dont's of starting to innovate in Health and Social Care

If you've an idea for something new that could benefit your patients - whether it's a new device, app, way of running a service or whatever, then this seminar will give you some advice on what to do and what not to do when starting out!

We'll briefly introduce the innovation development process, but focus on some of the most common mistakes new innovators make when bringing ideas forward for review. We'll see how some basic research and 'digging around for info' can be essential if you want your idea to stand a good chance to be taken forward by decision makers or technology transfer specialists. 

And we'll look at the most important part of any new idea - the problem it is trying to solve!


About the Speaker - Dr Fabian Seymour

Following a successful career as a research scientist Fabian pursued a career in university science-business development, specifically but not exclusively in the life-sciences and healthcare sectors (2006-2017). Over this period he worked with students, early career researchers, academics, University support services (enterprise, technology transfer and student/staff professional development), businesses, regional support and development agencies from many different sectors and was involved first-hand in the development or project management of such interdisciplinary and collaborative initiatives.
Throughout his career, he has maintained a passion for creating and delivering interactive, scenario and case-study led workshops to support people at different stages of life to reach out to different opportunities (from undergraduate students, early career researchers, academics, businesses, through to senior NHS management). In 2008 he created 'The Enterprising Researcher' - a very early test version of The Health Innovation Expedition for early career researchers from the White Rose University Consortium. He's been asked to deliver workshops on enterprise and innovation to the Universities of Dundee, Durham, Lancaster, Leeds, Lincoln, Sheffield, Sheffield Hallam, St Andrews and York. He has also delivered courses to the Universities of Bradford, Huddersfield and Leeds Beckett as part of the Grow:Medtech consortium.

In 2017 he decided to fully concentrate his career on training, development and providing real experiences. He now works freelance and wrote The Health Innovation Expedition to help people who have new ideas avoid the common mistakes he's seen innovators make. He also runs a small mountaineering business. 

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