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CAHPR North East small grant scheme 2020

CAHPR North East of England hub is running a competition to support AHP research and innovation in the region.

The aim is to support up to six AHPs, who are novice researchers, to carry out a small piece of research/innovation, with a view to facilitating these six candidates to develop a research active career in the future.

Given the current circumstances with COVID-19 this year the applications must be limited to systematic reviews, secondary analysis of secondary data sets or, if ethics boards allow, studies that do not involve any direct contact, for example emailed surveys or telephone interviews.

Up to six studies will be funded to a maximum of £1,000 each. The money can be used to support any aspect of the study including but not limited too; salary costs, access cost or licenses and transcription costs.

Submission deadline: 1st September 2020. The winners will be announced in early October 2020. 

For further information and to apply, please download the application form: 

Research Bursary Opportunities for AHPs working in North West Coast Region. 

The North West CAHPR hubs are jointly running a competitive bursary scheme to support small scale research studies undertaken by AHPs in the region.  

AHPs conducting small scale research studies are invited to apply for bursaries of up to £500. Examples of suitable studies may include pilot work and proof of concept studies. Successful applicants will be invited to present their work at local events.

Full Information & application form (can be found at the CAHPR Cumbria & Lancashire Regional Hub site):

Submission Deadline: Thursday 11th March 2020, 5.00pm

CAHPR hubs run a range of activities to support AHPs such as small award schemes, events and mentoring. This page gives highlights of current activities.

You can find out more from your local CAHPR hub.

CAHPR West of Scotland seminar series
Session 1: Clinical Academic Pathways - 26 February, 5.00-7.00pm

The CAHPR West of Scotland Hub is running a Seminar Series throughout 2020 to promote AHP research and engage with AHPs who are interested in research. The first session in the series is to be held at GCU on the 26th of February 5-7pm and will focus on Clinical Academic Pathways. 

The session is free to attend, open to anyone who is interested and there will be refreshments provided.

Registration: Register via this link
Location: Glasgow Caledonian University



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