Healthcare Professionals in Research Facebook group reaches 500 members – a massive milestone.

A peer support group created in 2019 which aimed to create a sense of community for members through networking and group discussion has now reached a massive milestone. It's Facebook group now has over 500 members.

Health Professionals in Research

The Healthcare Professionals in Research (HPiR) Facebook group aims to create a community for nursing, midwifery and allied health professions, (NMAHP) Pre-doctoral, Doctoral and Postdoctoral researchers who are aiming to advance their knowledge in a variety of areas (engineering, bioengineering, physiology, neurology and more...) to benefit their clinical teams and patients. As peer support is often lacking for clinical academics, the HPiR Facebook group provides a virtual network of people in a similar position.

The HPiR Facebook group has just reached over 500 members and these include NMAHP Predoctoral, Doctoral and Postdoctoral clinicians and researchers, including radiographers, podiatrists, nurses, midwives, physiotherapists, speech and language therapists, occupational therapists, clinical psychologists, and dietitians.

The group is intended to be a safe professional space for members.  Members are encouraged to support, share with and inspire others (#supportshareinspire). It is a closed group, requiring all members to be NMAHP Predoctoral, Doctoral or Postdoctoral researchers.

The Facebook site is regulated by multidisciplinary Predoctoral, Doctoral and Postdoctoral Community Managers who curate content and monitor admissions.

The HPiR group was set up by Dr Janet Deane, using funding awarded to her during her PhD studies by the Imperial College London Research Community Fund.

CAHPR has supported the Healthcare Professionals in Research Facebook group from its inception, and continue to be advocates of the group.

 Healthcare Professionals in Research

Meet the community managers

Dr Gemma Clunie (SLT)
Dr Gemma Clunie
Dr Ruth Barker (PT)
Dr Ruth Barker
Rachel Tuffnell (PT)
Rachel Tuffnell
Lisa Osborn-Jenkins (PT)
Lisa Osborn-Jenkins
Dr Marianne Coleman (Orthopt)
Dr Marianne Coleman



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