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We got chatting with Kathryn Jarvis who was one of CAHPRs hub leads until the end of 2023. We asked her what she got out of the role and instead of making the article all about her, she made it all about you! Kathryn encourages you to take your next research steps with CAHPR.

Kathryn Jarvis

Could CAHPR help you grow your research profile?

I have been involved with CAHPR since 2011. First as a Hub Facilitator, and subsequently as a Co-Lead of two CAHPR Hubs (Cheshire and Merseyside, and Cumbria and Lancashire). I believe that these roles have provided me with invaluable research experience.  

Are you an AHP who would like to grow their research experience and profile? If so, why not consider:

Becoming a CAHPR Hub Facilitator

When I became a Hub Facilitator, I was not sure what I could offer, I had an interest in research but, beyond a Masters qualification, I had little research experience. Joining the meetings, talking with other like-minded AHPs and forging a means to support others helped immeasurably in building my research knowledge, skills, confidence and contacts. I continued to be involved with CAHPR throughout my PhD journey and was able to share my experiences with other AHPs. In the Hub Facilitator role, you can shape your local Hub, get involved in supporting and offering training opportunities. You may also gain other valuable experience such as reviewing bursary applications or mentoring.

Becoming a CAHPR Hub Lead

Once you are a Hub Facilitator, have a good understanding of the way the Hub supports AHPs and you have some research knowledge and skills under your belt, becoming a Hub Lead (or Co-Lead) is another fabulous opportunity. In this role, supported by the national CAHPR Team, I worked with the other Hub Leads in the North-West Consortium to agree and plan the training provision for the year, allocate funding, agree the bursary cycle, and ensure that the Hub was managed to meet its purpose. In the North-West Consortium, we aim to have two Co-Leads for each of the three Hubs. I encourage Hubs to consider the model of having two Co-Leads as this allows for more division of the work and is a more supportive approach. Ultimately it is more fun with two! 

A valuable opportunity

As AHPs we need to find ways to enter the research arena. There are opportunities to do this including established routes such as the NIHR Pre-doctoral/Doctoral Fellowship schemes. Successful outcomes from such schemes require strong applications with evidence that the applicant has a research trajectory. Taking on a role within CAHPR demonstrates commitment to and trajectory in research, strengthening a fellowship or funding application.  

I stepped down from the Hub Co-Lead role in 2023 to, once again, become a Hub Facilitator and to give others the opportunity to benefit by becoming a Hub Lead. I remain passionate about the potential of CAHPR to support AHPs and encourage all AHPs interested in research to get involved with CAHPR and maximise the potential of this amazing opportunity.


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