Poster theme - Promoting research engagement & capacity building in the wider workforce

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  • ID2.1: Remote delivery options for self-management programmes for patients with COPD during the COVID-19 pandemic. Uptake, completion and clinical outcomes
  • ID2.2: AHP Research Survey 2021
  • ID2.3: Research Survey for NMAHP+ in Cumbria, Northumberland, Tyne and Wear 2022
  • ID2.4: Understanding research capacity and activity across Allied Health Professionals in a local NHS Trust
  • ID2.5: 4Ps Researcher Development Programme Building research capacity for AHPs and the wider workforce
  • ID2.6: Embedding research into Allied Health Professional roles within an ICU setting
  • ID2.7: Ten Top Tips for Implementing the Allied Health Professions Research and Innovation Strategy for England in the North East and North Cumbria
  • ID2.8: Healthcare Professionals in Research Facebook Community
  • ID2.9: The feasibility and acceptability of neurologic music therapy in subacute neurorehabilitation and mood outcomes for patients
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