New study identifies UK AHP public health research priorities

A new study has identified nine public health research priorities across the allied health professions. 

This study, by Laura Charlesworth and Linda Hindle, used a modified e-Delphi approach to reach a consensus on allied health professions public health research priorities across the UK.  

The highest priority was identified as, 'the impact of AHP practice in reducing health inequalities'. A number of priorities identified refer to the impact of AHP public health activities. 

The identified priorities will be used to progress the AHP public health research agenda through a UK wide AHP public health strategy implementation group and through support and engagement from the AHP professional bodies and arm's length bodies.

The full paper is open access and can be viewed on science direct

Citation: Charlesworth, L and Hindle, L. Allied health professions public health research priorities: A modified e-delphi study in the United Kingdom, Public Health in Practice, 2 (2021).

CAHPR and Public Health England jointly ran a Public Health Research awards from 2015-19 to support new AHP public health researchers. 


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